Photo: Greek boats from above, 2006
Alas, Minim Music & New Media has been superseded. It was great while it lasted but I've moved on in other directions. For the things you used to find here, please go to the following new sites:

For web design and development services for creative people
» Visit Raspberry Blue

For new music, scores, concert listings and writing about music and creative practice
» Visit

The other sites on the domain - Erik Satie's Crystal Ball and One Creative Thing among them - are still operational.

Why have I done this?

Well, fond as I was of Minim Music & New Media, it was all getting a bit unwieldy, trying to maintain a site that had a split personality between web work and composition, so it seemed better to split out the content across two separate sites, which has helped to grow both sides of what I do. And with Raspberry Blue having been set up to cover my freelance work in the UK, it was just causing admin headaches to be trying to run two companies in two different countries, so now everything goes through Raspberry Blue which gives me more time for the actual work.

If you have any questions, please just ask away.